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During my three-month visit in Boston, Marinka and I went to visit Washington between Saturday, August 13, 2022 and Tuesday,
In 2022 Google decided to cancel free tier to legacy Google Workspace accounts (i.e., formerly known as GSuite). Due to
I am collaborating with my friend, prof. dr. Glenn Gordon Smith, from the College of Education, University of South Florida.
Last year I bought a Synology DS1520+. I am very satisfied with it (will have a separate post on that
Motion EYE project does not support cameras providing RTSP streams only. I had one such camera and wanted to add
In June 2018 I went to Florida, Tampa and California, Palo Alto. In Tampa I was visiting the University of
Recently I came across a problem of forwarding a certificate Id to backend service for the authentication purposes. I also
Here we solve a problem that many developers face when bundling java applications into an .app. We are going to
Recently, I needed to add a multi-language support to a website that was run using PHP. Sure, I could use
Continuing from the previous example, we would like our LED to turn on automatically, based on the light level of
We are continuing with the example from the first part of the tutorial: In this part we are going
In this post I will review, how to turn on or off LEDs using Raspberry Pi 2, Model B (RPi).
During July 2015 prof. dr. Marko Bajec and I held a one-month summer school on databases and database design at
I started my PhD directly after finishing my undergrad study, as a Junior Researcher from industry at Optilab and Laboratory
In the early days of 2013 a friend of mine Dean Virant had an idea of developing a state-of-the-art platform
Today I talked a little about the data and related technologies at the national tv show. You can watch the
As I am very interested into information extraction from textual data, from the research perspective, I have tried to used
As I am a huge fan of Scala, I presented some features of this great language to my colleagues at
This year we had a bilateral project with Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia. My Serbian friend Bojan Furlan and
PredictionIO ( is an open source machine learning (ML) server. Its goal is to make personalization and recommendation algorithms more
On the 10th of August I left Sofia by train heading towards Plovdiv. I stayed there for two nights. On
After the conference, there were two days of workshops. I had applied for the BioNLP workshop in which Marinka and
This morning's keynote was given by Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at University of Washington, Dr. Chantel Prat.
In the morning there was a keynote given by Lars Rasmussen who got his PhD at the University of Edinburgh,
Today it was the official conference opening. Obviously, this year's ACL is one of the biggest conferences. There were almost
At Optilab I presented the use of Social APIs, focusing on using Facebook API and Spring Social libraries. At first
In May 2013 I had a simple tutorial about Hidden Markov Models. I introduced the type of algorithm, presented forward/backward
Association for Computational Linguistic (ACL) conference is one of the top ranked conferences in the field of natural language processing.
Jagodna rolada mi je ena izmed najljubših sladic, zato sem se odločil, da jo poskusim pripraviti še sam. V tej
I am posting a first lecture of second season of Optilab's Science Talks. The recording was a pilot project, but
It has been long since my last post. That is not because I have nothing useful to write, but more
Posnetek podelitve v okviru Dneva FRI, 5.12.2012: (Chrome 6, Safari :), isti posnetek je tudi dostopen na:
YouTrack4 seems free alternative to Atlassian's JIRA. I use JIRA on production projects and on first sight it seems far
Danes je Marinka Žitnik zagovorila svojo diplomsko nalogo z naslovom "Pristop matrične faktorizacije za gradnjo napovednih modelov iz heterogenih podatkovnih
Today I presented a HOT topic about Ontologies and NoSQL as a Tech Talk at Optilab d.o.o.. At this company
I attended FRI Summer School "How to make your own Facebook" from 9th-13th July 2012. The school was mainly by
Slides are available few posts below...
This week I am going to attend "Swing Morja in Sonca 2012" - Summer Swing dance workshops and parties in
In the following days the main conference took place. It began on wednesday with Prof. Michele Missikof's talk "Looking at
Today I woke up early to finish my presentation I had at 9:30 at the Doctoral Consortium - Collective Ontology-based
Today we started at 9 o'clock at Gdansk University. I attended IWSSA Workshop (International Workshop on System/Software Architectures). There were
24th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE'12) is this year organized in Gdansk, Poland. It is a "class
In this post I will briefly present all the mobile phones I owned and will point out pros/cons of iPhone
In this demo I will show how semantic data can be easily created and manipulated using ontologies and NoSQL datastores.
There are problems backing up Mac OSX computers to network shares (other than Apple :)) because Apple uses some proprietary
My LG TV played .mkv files from USB, but not via DLNA. After selecting .mkv file, "This file is invalid"
As I have been searching over the internet, I found out lots of people having problems with Form-based authentication when
We are happy to announce a brand new fork version of PubLo. It is featuring better 24/7 support. Have ever
I have checked tools for text processing in Slovene language. As I have found out, there are no published named
Weka ( is Data Mining software from The University of Waikato. In Slovenia, The Bioinformatics Laboratory has also developed well