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Slavko Žitnik, PhD Posts

How to copy all e-mails between IMAP servers

In 2022 Google decided to cancel free tier to legacy Google Workspace accounts (i.e., formerly known as GSuite). Due to many complaints by home users who mainly use the service for the domain-hosted e-mail, Google decided to keep free tier for non-business users with some conditions. I am still using…

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Research visit at the University of South Florida and road trip

I am collaborating with my friend, prof. dr. Glenn Gordon Smith, from the College of Education, University of South Florida. He is a professor in Instructional Technology, interested into reading comprehension and educational aspects of teaching, while I am interested in natural language processing. We started collaboration on automated natural…

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Motion EYE: Remote SSL + RTSP camera support

Motion EYE project does not support cameras providing RTSP streams only. I had one such camera and wanted to add it along other cameras to my Motion EYE system running on a RPi. RTSP to RTP stream conversion So, my camera RTSP stream was accessible at rtsp://USER:PASS@IP:554/live/ch00_0. I already had…

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