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CAiSE 2012 Conference, Pre-Day 1

24th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE’12) is this year organized in Gdansk, Poland. It is a “class A” conference in the field of Software Engineering.

I am presenting my PhD proposal at Doctoral Consortium on tuesday.

Yesterday we (Marko Bajec, Marko Janković and I) arrived to Gdansk via Munchen Airport. At first we exchanged Euros to Polish Zlote at Les Walles airport and then took a cab to our Arkon Park hotel.

Hotel looks very new and has stylish furniture, quite breathtaking for a three-star-hotel.

In the evening we tried to go to the downtown, but wrongly came to the next city. There we saw some statues, churches, had an Italian lunch and continued evening at watching the England-Italia football match in a nearest park.


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