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Month: February 2016

Creating a Mac OS .app from a runnable JAR file

Here we solve a problem that many developers face when bundling java applications into an .app. We are going to correctly set the current working path for your Java Application. Mac OS applications (.app files) are basically packages with a specific folder structure. You can easily explore each app’s structure…

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A simple custom solution to multi-language support using JS

Recently, I needed to add a multi-language support to a website that was run using PHP. Sure, I could use some i18n PHP framework to deliver translated web-page directly from a server, but I decided to design a simple approach based on Javascript. Here it goes … The default language…

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Part 3/3: Reading analog input using RPi

Continuing from the previous example, we would like our LED to turn on automatically, based on the light level of the environment. Photoresistor First we need to read the value of the photocell that measures the value of light. Photocells (aka. photoresistor) acts as a dynamically-adapting resistor according to the…

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Part 2/3: OpenHAB + RPi + LEDs + Camera

We are continuing with the example from the first part of the tutorial: In this part we are going to install OpenHAB platform on an RPi and remotely control LEDs. OpenHAB (  is a software that is intended to connect to many sensors or devices for home automation. It…

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