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Sociogram v4.01

This year I have implemented a new program – Sociogram v4.01. As last year Slavc Zust and I cooperated in CrossManager, this year happened alike.

Slavc Zust is a computer teacher at a primary school in Ljubljana and knows what teachers need to simplify their job. He had an idea of making a new program of Sociogram, which was in the 90’s developed as a DOS program. I then wrote the whole new program with some new features to support its running on almost all operating systems.

Sociogram v4.01 works on MS Windows, Linux, Mac OS-X and Solaris. I have written it in Sun’s Java 6.0. As graph drawing library I used JUNG and Flamingo with Substance to create Office Ribbon-like view. For development I have used Eclipse Galileo IDE and SVN.

If anyone is interested, the program can be bought from MikroGrafArt d.o.o. –

Here are some video-tutorials on how to use the program:

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