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ESSIR 2011, Day 6

On the last day of the summer school, Peter Ingwersen was giving a double lecture of information seeking. He introduced us some theoretical models, variables and their uses. This models are meant for the architecture of a search engine and are independent of index implementation. In the last part, he covered some experiments their were conducting and problems we must be aware of when experimenting. When improving results, he also provided an example of two models with around 5% difference in F-score. The point was that everybody can be happy, accept your paper for giant improvement, but in practice the improvement is not noticeable.

After the second lecture ddr. Sergej Sizov officially ended the summer school:

Then we went for a lunch in the university’s canteen.

In the evening we met with the participant who were still in Koblenz on a few more drinks:

Tomorrow (today as of time of writing) I and Kaja are going to Frankfurt by train and then by plane to Slovenia.

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