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ESSIR 2011, Day 5

Yesterday the first two lessons were held by Stefan Rueger from Knowledge media institute. He talked about multimedia
search (images, videos), indexing etc. There were some similarities to wednesday’s symposium on bias. The main problem he addressed is about semantic gap in image recognition. We have methods to extract data or features from images, but it is still hard to classify the whole image, for example victory or championship events.


In the afternoon, Ricardo Baeza-Yates was talking about crawling, comparing algorithms and some recent results from articles. He also spoked about idea of searching without explicitly providing a query to an information retrieval system. Then he was talking about distributed web search and the 09′ article on star topology. The interesting here was the paper was rejected twice, but then it got best paper award on th CIKM09 conference.

At around 4p.m. we went to a boat-cruise with dinner on the Rhein and Mosel. We drove up to Lorelei and then back to Koblenz.

When we got back at 10p.m., we attended a party in a local club:

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