My PhD Defense

I started my PhD directly after finishing my undergrad study, as a Junior Researcher from industry at Optilab and Laboratory for Data Technologies at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty for computer and information science. Throughout the study I was guided by my supervisor prof. dr. Marko Bajec, to whom I am very thankful for all his contributions to my work.

My core research area was a subfield of information retrieval, called information extraction. I especially focused into high-level information extraction tasks, such as named entity recognition, relationship extraction and coreference resolution. I proposed a novel approach for solving coreference resolution and relationship extraction. Moreover I connected all the three tasks into an iterative method that uses an ontology and enables end-to-end information extraction. All of the contribution were also published in scientific journals or presented at scientific conferences.

On monday, 22nd December 2014, I successfully defended my PhD thesis, which was approved by prof. dr. Zoran Bosnić, prof. dr. Dunja Mladenić and prof. dr. Marko Bajec. Below you can see a video of my defense or read my submitted thesis.