EuroSkills 2010 preparations

The winners of SloSkills 2010 are already training in building IT infrastructure for the european EuroSkills 2010 competition.

Our task will be to implement many IT services and infrastructure for two dislocated offices. There will be one branch office and warehouse. We will use Debian OS for Asterisk VoIP, DNS, Mail, WWW, Nagios, …, Windows Server 2008 R2 with AD/DC, AAA, WDC, WSUS, HyperV virtualization, …. At the warehouse we will also set up Windows Server 2008 Core Edition. My task as Cisco specialist will be to implement network. I will need to configure three cisco 2801 routers running on Advanced IP IOS, three Cisco switches 2960 and Cisco Aironet 1200. Branches/Company locations will be connected over Internet which will work only on IPv4. Company’s network will be IPv6 only. I will have to design the network, set up services like NATv6, DHCPv6, EIGRP and OSPF routing, security (ACLs, dynamic VLANs), VPN with antivirus totalav, network authetication and more.

Lisbon, we are coming!

Some shots from trainings. They were held in my study room and at Vegova school in Ljubljana:

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