Astonishing new Play! framework

This week I heard of new web framework, based on Java – without Java. There was a presentation of it at Kiberpipa. I did not attend it, but still there was some curiosity inside me.

What is it like? Is yet another unuseful framework? What can we do with it?

I browsed to to find out. There I recovered that it is definitly NOT a crappy thing. I had to try it out, check the presentation and read through the tutorial…  I especially like the application’s architecture. I hope it will evolve to a stable framework – if currently isn’t because I am not enthusiastic about PHP, better to say Django I have never used, just because of the code syntax and it’s slam dunk approach.

I believe Play! will be great for personal, society, SOHO, small companies sites… For lack of powerful application features there will still be JavaEE and ASP.NET.

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