How to: Use GWT with Eclipse on JBoss AS

Here I will show you steps to easily write, build and deploy GWT applications with Eclipse.

Step 1: Install Eclipse –

Step 2: Install JBoss Server –

Step 3: Install JBoss Tools for Eclipse –, configure setting to use your JBoss server installation

Step 4: Install GWT SDK –

Step 5: Install Google Plugin for Eclipse –

Step 6: Prepare project:

Click “blue G” somewhere in the menu or find Web Application Project in the New Project … menu to create Google App Engine project gwttest. Deselect Use Google App Engine.

new project

Create ne Dynamic Web Project gwttest-web and click Next.

new project1

Rename Content directory to “war”.

new project2

Go to properties for gwttest-web project and within Google -> Web Toolkit select to use your GWT.

new project3

Copy “src” and “war” folders from gwttest to gwttest-web project.

new project4 new project5

Compile gwttest-web with GWT by clicking on the “red G on the briefcase”.

new project11

new project12

Normally you have also ejb projects and gwt project and want them to work together, so you create new EAR Application Project gwttest-ear.

new project6

Select gwttest-web which contains module.

new project7
Step 7: Run the project

Tell Eclipse to Run this EAR project on Server. Then select your configured server from the menu.

new project8

Your server starts and and you should see a line of deployment in the Console view.

new project9

Now run GwtTest.html.

new project13

The page opens in Eclipse’s built in web browser.

new project14

That’s it! Enjoy discovering new features and learning GWT. If you like scripts, you could also take a look of Ant to optimize your process.

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