ISRM VicRacing 2009 game

At the university we had a task to do something with computer graphics. Matic Perovsek, Andrej Slapnik and I have chosen to do a racing game around our faculty – FRI in Ljubljana. We have also made our own 3D models.

We have used Java 1.6, LWJGL 2.1.0 with OpenGL 2.0, OpenAL, JLayer.

User can choose between 4 cars (Subaru Impreza(not ours), Fiat Brava, Peugeot 206, Renault Clio), 2 ractracks (The Desert, Ljubljana Vic) and 2 game modes (time mode, hitting checkpoints). We also support 2 player mode with fullscreen. User can also listen to live radio – Zeleni val ( while driving.

Download our game:
In case you are interested in further development or are just wondering how we did it, take a look at our code:

Game loading screen:

Vic racing 2009

Vic racing 2009